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Breckenridge 100 - Colorado

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |July 15, 2014 3:02 PM
Breckenridge 100
Breckenridge, Colorado

Josh Tostado Continues His Domination of Breck 100 Elizabeth Sampey Wins

Written by: Marlee Dixon

The Breck100, in itís 10th year, is a challenging 100 mile course that consists of three different loops  around Breckenridge.  The total elevation gain is a huge!  Roughly 14,000 ft.   Itís the series finale for the RME race series and for those not wanting to do the entire 100 mile course, there is a 68 mile, 32 mile and three person team option.  This was my second year doing the 68 mile race and I was looking forward to racing some of the best trails in town. 

Waking up the morning of the race, I checked the weather to see a 40% chance of thunderstorms after 10am.  Yuck.  The previous year it had rained hard, hailing on some people and I had crashed multiple times on the many roots on the Gold Dust trail. This year I made sure to pack a rain jacket.   For the 68 and 32 there is a neutral start at 9:30 and 9:45am from the ice rink in town.  Getting ready for the race, I knew the Breck 100 had already started at 6am that morning.  It must have been a chilly start and with our record snowfall this past winter I heard they hiked through a few snowfields.  Iím sure one of the highlights for those doing the 100 was being at the top of wheeler, over 12,000 ft, with the sun just coming up.  

At 9:30am I lined up with all the other B68 racers for a neutral start up Boreas Pass road. The first loop for the B68 is the 2nd loop for the B100 and the only loop for the B32.  Itís a 34.5 mile loop with 4650 feet of elevation gain. Itís a lot of climbing including Little French, a loose rocky climb that not many racers clear, and Westridge, a long 4-5 mile single-track climb.   Itís a challenging loop, but includes some great descents. 

The second loop of the B68 starts with a flat to gradual climb up the Blue River trail to Indiana gulch.  From here racers climb to Boreas pass road and to the continental divide then descend on the Gold Dust trail. I havenít ridden the gold dust trail since the race last year and I forgot how awesome this trail is.  It has a little bit of everything- a fast fun ripping descent, then, what seems like forever, on a flume trail to a techy rock section back to some fun descending.  Coming out of the Gold Dust trail, you feel so far away from everything.  Probably because you are.  Youíre in the tiny remote town of Como.  From here itís one long final road climb back up to the Continental Divide.  Reaching the aid station at the Contential Divide thereís a sense of relief because youíre just about done with all the climbing and itís time to enjoy some fun trails including Bakers Tank and Aspen Tunnel. 

The Breck 68 is one of my favorite races because I know and love the trails included in the race.  From my doorstep I take my dogs out mountain biking, hiking and xc skiing on the blue river trail and boreas pass road frequently throughout the year.    Westridge, although I hadnít been on it yet this year, is probably my favorite descent in Breck.  Lining up for the 68 I saw many of the same faces Iíd seen at other races this year and was psyched to see so many people coming to Breck to check out and enjoy our trails.  I felt great at the beginning of the race and was really enjoying the trails. Being self-supported, I knew I was out in front for the women (after I passed Jenny Smith with a flat at the beginning of the race) but I had no idea where any of the other women were behind me for the rest of the race.  For better or worse, I was alone for most of the race.  This year, the weather held out for us and the trails were in hero condition with only a miserable head wind to deal with on the final climb up from Como.  Coming into the finish line at Carter Park, my legs were stoked to be finished and I was pumped to win in my home town. 

For the B68 menís race, Bryan Dillon won for his 2nd year in a row, followed by Peter Kalms and in 3rd, Carter Shaver.  For the women, I took the win followed by Molly Throdahl in 2nd and Tamara Donelson in 3rd.   In the B100, Josh Tostado won by 20 minutes (his 7th Breck 100 win in the 10 years the race has been going on), followed by Scott Leonard in 2nd and Kalan Beisel in 3rd.  For the women, it was Elizabeth Sampey in 1st, Amy Nolan in 2nd and Laureen Coffelt in 3rd.  Full race results, including the B32 results, can be found at:  


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Kalan Beisel

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Elizabeth Sampey

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