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Couch Potato, Pisgah, NC

Posted by: Matt Williams |February 11, 2014 7:09 PM
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Serving as a precursor to tomorrow's Swank 65k, the Couch Potato is a mellower version of the Pisgah classic. Mellow is a relative term though. The race still includes the very technical, rock strewn, Daniel Ridge, and Cove Creek trails along with a healthy dose of climbing. The absence of the Farlow Gap trail enticed more than a few riders to come out a day early, though, to try their hand at one of Blue Ridge Adventures' newest races.

Fantastic fall weather greeted racers on the start line in the Cove Creek campground Saturday morning. With the local foliage peaking, sunny skies overhead, and some of Pisgah's best singletrack ahead of them, racers knew they were in for a treat.

Jacob McGahey (Industry Nine), who is also racing tomorrow's Swank 65k, took the lead almost from the gun. McGahey said later he didn't attack, but he got a little gap on the opening descent leading to the Cove Creek climb, and just kept it steady from there. He crossed the line in a time of 2:46:51. Behind McGahey another local, Chris Ready, took second in 2:58:31. Brad Messenger rounded out the top 3.

In the women's race Jordan Salman (The Hub) led from start to finish. Despite a crash or two, Salman's lead was never in jeopardy and she crossed the line in 3:20:53. Behind her Jessica Ingram and Danielle Froystad rounded out the top 3.



1. Jacob McGahey (Industry Nine) 2:46:51
2. Chris Ready 2:58:31
3. Brad Messenger 3:04:17
4. Michael Jarzomski 3:07:58
5. Glenn Poupore 3:10:34
6. Chip Harris
7. Freddy H. Steele
8. Charles Taylor
9. Jeff Parker
10. Christer Loow


1. Jordan Salman (The Hub) 3:20:53
2. Jessica Ingram 3:40:56
3. Danielle Froystad 3:56:08
4. Sara Chua 4:11:21
5. Heather Davis 4:14:54

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