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East Coast Round Up - April 14th

Posted by: Matt Williams |May 14, 2014 2:20 AM

The race season is in full swing up and down the East Coast, with several top-notch events happening last weekend. In New England the XC crowd got after it at the Hop Brook Dam race, with Billy Melone (Riverside Racing) and Bryna Blanchard (Windham Mountain Outfitters) taking the wins.

Hopbrook Dam Results:

Pro Men:

  1. Billy Melone 1:32:28

  2. Chris Hamlin 1:35:38

  3. Mike Barton 1:37:00

  4. Neal Burton 1:37:47

  5. Greg Galleta 1:39:25

Pro Women:

  1. Bryna Blanchard 2:02:42

  2. Joanne Grogan 2:06:54

  3. Kimberly Quinlan 2:06:55

  4. Vicki Monihan 2:28:51

Meanwhile, in New York, riders tackled the ever popular Singlespeed-A-Palooza. Dark Horse Cycles always puts on an outstanding event that's as fun as it is competitive. This year saw Mike Montalbano take his fourth win at the event, while Liz Chabot Allen took her second consecutive victory.

Singlespeed-A-Palooza Results:

Open Men:

  1. Mike Montalbano 1:39:50

  2. Ron Harding 1:39:50

  3. Michael Magur 1:40:24

  4. Cody Madigan 1:42:33

  5. Joseph Patrarca 1:42:59

Open Women:

  1. Liz Chabot Allen 2:07:38

  2. Katrina Walker 2:09:24

  3. Jocelyn Linscott 2:10:45

  4. Elizabeth Bove 2:13:01

  5. Christine Guarino 2:16:55

Full Results Here

Further South in Tennessee, racing heated up at The Ocho 8 Hour Race. Hot temperatures and a dry, dusty course made for some difficult early season racing. Greg Gibson ( overtook Cory Rimmer on their ninth and final lap to take home the win, and Shannon Tenwalde took the solo women's victory. Matt Williams and Nina Otter took the overall team win.

Solo Men:

  1. Greg Gibson 9 Laps

  2. Cory Rimmer 9 Laps

  3. Shawn Hall 9 Laps

  4. Nick Bragg 8 Laps

  5. Daniel Sanders 7 Laps

Solo Women:

  1. Shannon Tenwalde 7 Laps

  2. Lynn Sima 3 Laps

  3. Andrea Lensce 2 Laps


  1. Matt Williams and Nina Otter (Duo Coed) 10 Laps

  2. VO2 Multisport (Duo Coed) 9 Laps

  3. Blue Ridge Cyclery's "Pip Squad” (Duo Coed) 9 Laps

  4. Scott Rusinko and Sean Perry (Duo Masters) 9 Laps

  5. Natural Born Killers (Duo Coed) 9 Laps

Full Results

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