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Ramblings with Evelyn Dong

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |June 6, 2014 12:33 AM
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Ramblings with Evelyn Dong


As much as I like the traveling associated with mountain bike racing, I love my time at home in Salt Lake. Itís been a hectic spring already, with 3 Pro XCTs, the Sea Otter Classic, and the Whiskey 50 already under my belt, so the few days Iíve been in Utah, I like to lay low and keep up my routine. Iíll admit it - Iím a creature of habit.

Racing on new trails is great, but thereís nothing like riding well-loved trails with old friends. Good thing the Park City trails are drying up fast, because it means that I can now sling my bike into the back of my truck, and meet up with buddies to ride after a day in my office in Park City. Last week, I met up with my friend Paul, one of the OG riding buddies - anytime my ego gets too inflated from all this racing, Paul can roost me on any descent to put me in my place. Although things have changed over the years - he wears baggies instead of spandex, talks about KOM-ing local trails, and has expressed a desire for a gravel bike (I donít even know you anymore!), he still sticks it to me on any trail. Yep, I found myself in the trees after trying to follow him through a corner and hooking my bar on some unfortunately placed branches.

Itís not all fun and games, though. Home is where I put in the bulk of my real work, pedaling my bastardized CX/road bike up the various canyons in the area. While I call it work, thatís a pretty generous term - Iím still pedaling a two-wheeled, non-motorized vehicle on scenic roads most roadies would drool over. The pass over Big Mountain is still closed to cars, so itís a cyclistís dream world out there right now. A pretty typical hard day for me includes a few trips up and down this road, and then hightailing back down Emigration Canyon to the market around the corner from my house, purchasing a chocolate milk or a bag of Red Hot Blues (aka hippy Doritos), and coasting back to my humble abode.  

And, the best part about being home in the spring/summer is racing the local Mid-Week MTB series. Iím bummed to have missed the first one already, but hoping to toe the line soon. This series got me into racing in the first place here in Utah. Rad trails, evening start times, and low-key, all-out racing - oh, and Iím still a sucker for raffles and grape Otter pops.

Over and out,


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