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Frozen Onion Series Race #2, VT

Posted by: Matt Williams |March 23, 2013 8:47 PM
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Dubbed the "grandfather” of winter bike races in Vermont, this season the Frozen Onion was expanded to a three race series, with stop #2 taking place in Montpelier, VT's historic Hubbard Park this past Sunday. A recent thaw and torrential rain storm left massive amounts of ice in the Park, and put the race in jeopardy. But thanks to the work of the Park Crew and local shop Onion River Sports, the course's ice patches had been covered up or eliminated, and nearly 55 racers headed out for 4 laps on what was a fun and fast circuit.  

Matt Williams (Epic Brewing) attacked leading into the race's main climb, and had expanded his lead by the top. He came through lap 1 with a sizable gap on a small chase group. However, midway through lap two Chris Hamlin (Bicycle Express) was able to nail the gap back, with the Family Bike duo of Trevor Edmond and Dylan McKeon in tow. While both McKeon and Edmond claimed to be new to winter racing, they came prepared with studded snow tires that were ideal for the course conditions. The added traction gained by the studs would be a factor late in the race. The quartet stayed together until midway through lap three, when Williams slid out coming off a bridge and lost contact. Edmond soon went to the front and neither Hamlin or McKeon could match his pace in the final mile. Edmond was able to cruise to the win, with Hamlin and McKeon rounding out the top three.

The women's race saw a sizable field. Up the race's first climb Elisa Otter (Southern Express) and cyclocross specialist Joanne Grogan ( road together at the front of the field. However, Otter was willing to take more risks on the downhill sections and she soon got a gap that she held all the way to the line. Grogan rode a steady race to take second. She was followed by Kelly Ault (Mountain Moxie).

Though there was decidedly heated competition at the front, racers of all abilities showed up, including several costumed racers and two unicyclists.

All proceeds from the 2013 Frozen Onion Series are benefitting the Mountain Moxie's "Moxie Sparks” scholarship program, which provides bikes, equipment, and mentoring to middle school girls in Vermont.

The third and final race in the series is Saturday, March 2nd at the Millstone Ski and Bike Center in Websterville, VT.

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Open Men:

1 Trevor Emond (Family Bike) 26:17:00

2 Chris Hamlin (Bicycle Express) 26:21:00

3 Dylan MeKeon (Family Bike) 26:31:00

4 Matt Williams (Epic Brewing) 26:58:00

5 Noah Tautfest (Bicycle Express) 27:15:00

6 Aaron Tauscher (Family Bike) 27:23:00

7 Dan Hormeier 28:21:00

8 Per Tonn (Onion River Sports) 28:32:00

9 Kip Roberts (Onion River Sports) 28:41:00

10 Ed Meyer 29:05:00

Open Women:

1 Elisa Otter (Southern Express) 30:37:00

2 Joanne Grogan ( 32:41:00

3. Kelly Ault (Mountain Moxie) 36:09:00

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