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Frozen Onion Series Race #3, VT

Posted by: Matt Williams |March 23, 2013 8:37 PM
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The fat bikes finally got their revenge in the final round of Onion River Sports' Frozen Onion winter bike race series, held Saturday at the Millstone Quarry in Barre, VT.

After two races held on the firm and fast Hubbard Park course, races tackled a very different challenge in Race #3. The Millstone course featured true singletrack sections, soft climbs, and numerous tricky corners. Several small snow storms earlier in the week made the course even tougher, and as racers warmed up several were wishing they'd brought running shoes. However, the crew at Onion River made several last minute changes to the course and added a road section and a lemans start to spread racers out before they hit the trail. By midway through the first lap the course changes and some help from warming temperatures meant that racers were riding almost all of the course.

Chris Hamlin (Bicycle Express), riding a standard mountain bike, took the whole shot and attacked on the road section, hoping to have a big enough gap on the fat bikers to hold them off. Hamlin held a large gap heading into the woods, followed by Colin Rueter (B2C2 p/b Boloco) who was also on a regular mountain bike. But by midway through the first lap Marc Stannard (Penguin Bikes) and Tom Dacres, both on fat bikes, had used their superior traction to power past Hamlin and Rueter.

It was on the second of two laps in the woods that Stannard powered away, while Noah Tautfest (Bicycle Express) and Matt Moody (Onion River Sports) had passed Hamlin and joined Dacres to form a three man chase group. Stannard was able to cruise to the win nearly a minute up on the chasers, while Dacres got a jump on the rest of the chase group by riding the climb to the finish cleanly and took a well deserved second. Tautfest and Moody ran across the line, with Tautfest just edging out Moody for third by a tires width. The third place finish was enough to secure the overall series win for Tautfest. Hamlin and Rueter both paid for their early efforts and finished outside the top five.

On the women's side racers on fat bikes ruled the day as well. Joanne Grogan rode her 29er hardtail to an early lead on the road section, but was passed by Elena Holiday once the race entered the woods. Holiday rode smoothly throughout the race, piloting her fat bike to a big win. Grogan held on for second, good enough to secure the overall series victory. Behind Grogan, Christin Christoph rode a steady race to take third.

The three race Frozen Onion Series raised nearly $1500 for the Moxie Sparks Scholarship Program, which provides bikes and mentoring to middle school girls in Vermont.


Open Men:

1. Marc Stannard (Penguin Bikes) 24:45

2. Tom Dacres 25:50

3. Noah Tautfest (Bicycle Express) 25:51

4. Matt Moody (Onion River Sports) 25:51

5. James Wholey ( 26:30

Open Women:

1. Elena Holiday 30:45

2. Joanne Grogan 31:27

3. Christin Christoph (Competative Edge Cycling) 33:24

Overall Series Winners

Men Noah Tautfest (Bicycle Express/Kona Bikes)

Women Joanne Grogan

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