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Gnar Weasels Shredeth – Foxborough, Massachusetts

Posted by: Karen Potter |August 1, 2013 2:23 AM
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Gnar Weasels Shredeth Ė Foxborough, Massachusetts

 Written by: Karen Potter


The Gnar Weasels Shredeth hyped lots of gnarly trails and it delivered as promised.  The race was held in super rocky, technical Foxborough State Park.  The 8.4 lap proved difficult to ride clean even for the most seasoned technical riders, especially with early morning rain and high humidity leaving the trails quite slippery. The racecourse shredeth tires, chains, bikes, people...although, the general consensus was it was a great, Ďrealí mountain bike course. 

While this was the first year for the event, the race promoters have run several well received cyclocross races (Ice Weasels and Night Weasels) and offered great cash payout to the Elite Womenís and Menís fields.  The "gnarí factor, close proximity to Boston and the payout drew large elite fields, and an overall well attended race, especially on a weekend with several race options in New England. 

The course started with on an opening loop with a short paved road section to help spread out the pack before hitting the singletrack that was only interrupted by a short dirt road section mid-course.  The opening section helped the menís field some for those who pre-rode the section.  Those who didnít got bogged down entering the trail and caused a bottleneck allowing the leaders to get away.  Billy Melone (Riverside) continued his winning streak by dominating the menís field with a 6 minute lead over Brian Wilichoski (Riverside/Cannondale) in second and Andy Gould (Blue Steel Cyclery) in third. 

In the womenís race, Karen Potter (Epic Brewing/ took the hole shot and kept the lead to the finish utilizing her strong technical skills, although they didnít keep her from endoing once and having many dabs on the tough course.  Mo Bruno-Roy (CycleLoft MTB Team) followed closely behind keeping Potter in her sights through the first 1/2 lap and then focusing on riding smooth had her finish up just over a minute after Potter.  Ellen Noble  (Trek Portsmouth) finished in third. 

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