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Keegan Swenson Blog: World Cup Racing - La Bresse

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |June 13, 2012 4:09 PM
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World Cup - La Bresse, France


On Wednesday morning we loaded up the vans and rolled up to La Bresse, France, for a few laps on the course. I knew it had rained…but little did we know it had snowed in La Bresse! Crazy! It’s not that high, maybe 3000 feet above sea level. So it was surprising. It was like being back in Utah! From what I had heard the course had a pretty solid climb and a long rocky descent. That was about right. The climb was fairly steep and had 2 switchbacks with one rocky and kind of slippery section near the top. The descent was sweet, but also quite hard especially when wet and muddy! I sort of went over the bars on one of slippery shoots, guess the dirt had more grip then I suspected…whoops. Then on my last lap I was trying to keep up with Russell on the Dh...I ended up putting my front wheel into a stump and flipped off the side. But all was good, just learned what not to do.

On Friday morning we loaded up and went up to La Bresse for the weekend. I didn’t do too much, just a short spin to make sure my bike was all good and try out some sweet new Mavic wheels for the race. On Saturday morning Cypress and I headed out for some laps on the course. After a chill lap and a hot lap to open the legs up, we then spun back to the hotel, which was about 8k away, perfect cool down. The U-23s raced Saturday afternoon, Howard had a solid ride with 27th, with Russell and Kerry not too far behind with 39th and 41st.

Race day! Start was at 9am, so Cypress and I had to get up a few minutes before 6 to eat, as well as get all our crap together. After some Steiertbartlecrib bread, nutella and coffee I was ready to throw down! At the venue we jumped on the trainers and sweated our butts off for about an hour, then lined up. I had the third call up so I was beyond stoked! The gun fired and off we went, balls out! It was Victor and I at the front. I edged him out on the little climb on the start to get the hole shot into the singletrack, which was sweet because it’s always safer at the front! Less elbows and chopping… Anyway, I lead it out up the first climb with Victor on my wheel, he passed me somewhere around the top and I managed to keep the gap to about 20 seconds or so on the downhill. Those guys rip in the wet stuff, while I was riding the struggle bus big time. After a small bobble on the second lap, Victor had about 1min on me going into the climb on the third lap. I brought it back to about 20 seconds by the top. Unfortunately I stacked it really hard about 3k into the loop off a drop. I don’t really know what happen, but the next thing I knew I was on my face in some rocks. By this point Andri was only a few seconds behind me and we went into the last slippery DH at the same time and hit bars. Ouch! We both went down really hard. My rear derailleur cable also got cut. So the last lap included some running, up and down the hills. But I was able to hold onto 7th place which is sweet considering all my problems! Just gotta keep it upright, stop breaking stuff and I should be set! Hope it’s all out of my system now….

 Overall it was an awesome trip! Thanks to USAC and Cannondale Factory Racing for all the support. Could not do it with out you guys! Can’t wait to get back after it in Canada in a few weeks!

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