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Keegan Swenson Checks in After Winning Pro XCT in Bonelli

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |March 27, 2012 1:58 AM
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Now back in the US, top junior rider Keegan Swenson (Cannondale) begins his quest for the junior-ex national title. First stop was Vail Lake, California followed by the Bonelli Park Pro XCT. Read Keegan's report below.

Bonelli/Vail Lake Recap:

After getting off the plane from Italy the previous night I decided to go pre-ride the Kenda Cup Vail lake XC course because I was planning on racing the XC on Sunday. Then I found out that I could race short track, so I figured it would be a good opener to blow the travel out of my legs…and it was. Hardest race I have done in a while. The legs felt like they were filled with concrete. In the end it was the right choice because I felt great the next day for the cross-country and was able to get away with the win! Course was a ton of fun too.

In the time between Vail Lake and Bonelli, I was able to get some solid training in. Even got to ride with my friend John from Murrieta up Palomar Mountain, which was pretty cool. Alex (Grant) then flew in Friday morning and we were able to go for a ride and open up the legs for Bonelli Park Pro XCT the following day!

Alex and I loaded up the van at about 5am Saturday morning and made our way to Bonelli Park. After a solid warm up I was ready to go! Everyone lined up and off we went! I was able to get the hole shot which I was pretty stoked about, as the course went to singletrack pretty quick and it was nice to be able to pick my own lines on the rocky downhill. I stacked it pretty hard on one of the descents but was able to collect myself and keep on it. In the end I was stoked to be able to hold on for the win! Good job to everyone out there racing! Congrats to my Cannondale teammate Alex for taking 8th in the Pros! Next up was Super D, which Alex and Taylor decided to race. They both crushed it, Taylor was 3rd and Alex was 6th.

On Sunday we again made our way up to Bonelli Park for the short track event. It was kind of like a dirt crit, lots of asphalt and grass. But lots of fun nonetheless. Race started out pretty fast, and the lead group just took turns pulling at the front. With 1 lap to go I decided to go to the front and try my luck, although a bit too early! I ended up getting passed and finished 4th, with Shane taking the win. Once again Alex had another great ride in the short track and finished 5th!

I had a great weekend at Bonelli and am looking forward to going to Mexico to race the Continental Championships in April!

Thanks for reading!

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