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Product Review - WickWerks 2 x 10 Conversion Chainrings

Posted by: Jen Hanks |January 21, 2014 2:40 AM
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Product Review - WickWerks 2 x 10 Conversion Chainrings

Written by: Jen Hanks

Have you been considering upgrading your triple ring crank to a double but donít want to shell out hundreds of dollars for a new crankset?  The folks at WickWerks just may have an affordable and high quality solution for you. 

WickWerks is a Utah based company that specializes in making chainrings for mountain, road, and cyclocross bikes.   Wickwerks chainrings are not just any old chainring.  They are high tech rings that use a novel approach resulting in fast precise shifting no matter where you are in your pedal stroke. BRIDGE shift technology produces faster and more reliable shifting using CNCíd ramps every 3 to 5 teeth that literally lift the chain from the lower ring (see photo above). In addition, every fourth tooth on the chainring is cut to roughly half the height of the uncut teeth allowing the chain to smoothly move onto the ring and engage.

What also makes WickWerks chainrings unique and highly appealing is that you can easily convert a triple ring crank to a double by purchasing new rings and WickWerks conversion adapter tabs to fill in the space vacated by the old big ring. 

The rings are constructed with 7075-T6 aluminum and available in 104/64 and 120/80 BCD options making them compatible with most mountain cranksets on the market.

But does it work well? In short, yes.  Very well.  We had the opportunity to test out some WickWerks rings for the past six months. We converted an XTR triple to a 38/24 double.  The conversion rings are compatible with 9, 10, or 11-speed cassettes. We chose a 2x10 arrangement with a Shimano chain, XTR 11-34 rear cassette, and XTR front derailleur.  If the 38/24 ratio isnít your thing, rings are also available in 40/26, 42/28, and for those mountain goats 33/22. 

Set up is as easy as changing out your chainrings. Once the crank is removed, take off the old triple rings and replace the granny and middle ring with 24 and 38-tooth ring respectively. Place the conversion adapter tabs on the outside of each arm on the spider and tighten bolts accordingly. Done. Your front derailleur shifter will need to be turned to double from triple mode.

Once installed, performance was exceptional. Over six months of intense, high-alpine riding and racing the chainrings worked perfectly, 100% of the time.   No babying of the shift was necessary as these chainrings excel at fast, deliberate shifting even under load.  The gear ratios were excellent. I never felt like I needed a bigger top end gear and never wished to have my granny back even when climbing mountains around Utah and Colorado. 

Cost for the chainrings ranges from $99.50-139.50 which is significantly less than the cost of buying a 2 x 10 specific crank.  Check out WickWerks website for more information:


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