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Drew Edsall's Trans-Sylvania Epic Blog - Day 5

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |June 24, 2013 2:17 AM
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Drew Edsall's Trans-Sylvania Epic Blog - Day 5

Stage 5: Legs Kicking Back In

Itís about time! Legs kicked back to about normal status today and I was able to push the climbs when I wanted to, and move my way to a top 3 finish in the Solo Men class today. I also was able to defend my Enduro jersey in the process and will look to keep that over the last two days of racing.

When I spend as much time looking over Garmin and Power files, when things donít go right as they did at the beginning of this race it drives me crazy. Today, my legs came back around. I settled into my own pace early on, and slowly moved from 7th place about 5 miles in all the way up to 3rdplace at the end. Iíd like to think my diesel engines just needed a little priming to get going this week.

The trails today were great. A good mix of about 20-30% fire-road mixed in with rocky, rooty, and steep singletrack. The two Enduro segments were some of the best singletrack of the week. The first segment required a good amount of pedaling and had some tricky turns with slick rocks and roots mixed in. The second segment was super steep with some good ruts throughout it. All I did the entire time was look ahead, manage my speed with on and off braking, and ride smooth/fast. A good bit of adrenaline hit during that steep Enduro segment. Great feeling!

Two days left in this seven day stage race. So far we have done just about 10 hours of racing, not including the warm ups and cool downs in the races. My legs are feeling a bit better than they normally feel this late in the race. I think a majority of this is due to the daily 30 minute massages, 1-2 hour post-race naps, and good Hammer nutrition post-race. Recovery can make or break a seven day stage race.

Iím really hoping this momentum continues through the next two days. Tomorrow is one of the toughest days. It is also one of my favorite days. It has a ridge section that overseas many of the mountains in the area. This section is also full of rock beds, along with a nice and fast switchback descent. Temperatures are estimated in the 90ís which will make for an interesting 3 hour day in the saddle. Should be a fun day if I can stay cool.

This makes for 3 days in a row in the Enduro leaders jersey, and also marks my first top 3 in the overall for a stage. The race is looking good!

Thanks for reading,

Drew Edsall

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