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Alterra Coffee Bean Classic - Franklin, WI

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |October 9, 2013 1:38 AM
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Alterra Coffee Bean Classic - Franklin, Wisconsin


Matter and Sabel each grab first win of the season

Report by Todd Nutter


The Subaru-sponsored Wisconsin Off Road Series (WORS) continues its season with the first of two consecutive race weekends. This past Sunday, racers and spectators alike got to see another freshly redesigned racecourse. WORS regulars remember this race as "The Alterra Coffee Bean Classic” at the formerly name "Crystal Ridge Ski Area.” Shortly after the 2012 race at this venue, renovations began on the course. New owners turned the ski area into a multi-discipline sports complex and called it "The Rock.” The new park includes a feature packed downhill mountain bike run and a rebuilt BMX track. The lead sponsor of the event also recently changed their name from Alterra Coffee to Collectivo Coffee. The WORS series made use of existing single track and some new course changes as well.

The Belgioioso Elite Women took off in a cloud of dust as they pushed for the sprint premium. The first one up the hill to take the hole shot was Sarah Agena (Twin Six/Cider Boys). The heat of the day and the dry dusty course showed on the faces of every rider as they climbed through the feed zone each lap. Positions shifted as the race went on and Lori Sable (Team 65?/W&S) quickly took the lead. Sable has previously stated that she’s not a climber, but it was not apparent on Sunday as she hammered up the ski hill over and over, eventually taking the win. A new face in the front three ladies was that of Leia Schneeberger(Magnus). Schneeberger is fairly new to the Cat 1 field but showed her strengths throughout the race by holding her spot. She would eventually be overtaken by Andrea Matter(Gear Grinder) who took third place. Brittany McConnell(Mercy Specialized) made the trip to Franklin from Iowa to compete. The trip paid off as she grabbed the second step on the podium. This was the first win for Sable in the 2013 WORS season. 

On the start line for the Elite Men’s race, the fastest riders in the midwest waited shoulder to shoulder. One week prior, Cole House(Cashcall Cycling Team/ 616) beat out Brian Matter(RACC/Trek/Gear Grinder) in a sprint finish at Ore to Shore. House seemed determined to hang onto that winning streak as he grabbed the hole shot. But after a few laps he ended up pulling out of the race. Matter played his cards right by sitting into the lead group and waiting for the right moment to make his move. Once he did, Matter opened up a big gap on the rest of the field. Tristan Schouten(Rolf Prima Wheels) saw the attack and broke away too but Matter was not going to wait for anyone. He could not be caught as he widened the gap on each lap. Matter credited the win to finally feeling comfortable since switching to 29 inch wheels. The third place spot was grabbed by Nathan Guerra(Vision Pro Cycling), who said that he was feeling great and pushed hard to hang onto the leaders. This was Matter’s first win in the WORS series for 2013. 

Matter will be hosting a race clinic along with Wisconsin’s current top female racer, Abby Strigel(Honey Stinger/Bontrager) this Saturday in Suamico, WI. The clinic will be held at the Reforestation Camp, which is also the venue for the next WORS race the following day. Matter and Strigel will be showing young riders between 12-18 years old tips and tricks to be successful racers as well as information on forming cycling clubs within their schools. The clinic is a fundraiser for WIN Cycling, Wisconsin’s interscholastic mountain bike series. For more information visit www.wors.orgor 


Pro Men

1, Brian Matter RACC / TREK Gear Grinder 1:53:52
2, Tristan Schouten Rolf Prima Wheels 1:55:49
3, Nathan Guerra Vision Pro Cycling 1:56:11
4, Darrin Braun Adventure 212/Specialized 1:56:16
5, Corey Stelljes RACC- Gear Grinder 1:56:40
6, Joseph Maloney KS Energy Services/ Team Wisconsin 1:57:28
7, Isaac Neff 5 Nines 1:58:33
8, Kevin McConnell Mercy-Specialized 1:58:34
9, Justin Piontek Titletown Flyers 1:59:25
10, Paul Mumford roscoe village bikes p/b carbo 2:00:24
11, Dallas Fowler   2:00:45
12, Tim Racette KS Energy Services/Team Wisconsin 2:01:00
13, Trevor Olson Team 360 2:01:17
14, Ray Nelson Treadhead Cycling 2:01:24
15, Michael Michetti LAPT 2:02:06
16, Vincent Steger Erik's Bikes and Boards 2:02:14
17, Ryan Krayer Adventure212/Specialized 2:02:38
18, Carlos Haeckel Alterra Coffee Team W&S 2:02:51
19, Kevin Klug Pony Shop 2:02:57
20, Michael Naughton Wheel Werks/Gore 2:03:24
21, John Shull Alberto's 2:03:38
22, Ben Senkerik Ripon College Red Hawks 2:04:20
23, Jeff Bender Bluebear Outside/Morvelo 2:04:25
24, Michael Dutczak South Chicago Wheelmen 2:04:30
25, Rick Mezo 2:04:35
26, Scott Cole Adventure 212/Specialized 2:04:37
27, David Bender JVC/Michael's Cycle 2:04:52
28, Bill Nigh Team Pedal Moraine 2:04:57
29, Gabriel Ion Treadhead Cycling 2:05:03
30, Dan Teaters Sheboygan Bicycle Co. 2:05:38

Pro Women

1, Lori Sable Team 65? / W&S 1:50:21
2, Brittany McConnell Mercy Specialized 1:51:19
3, Andrea Matter Gear Grinder 1:51:21
4, Leia Schneeberger Magnus 1:51:33
5, Sarah Agena Twin 6/Cider Boys 1:52:06
6, Evelyn Johnson 2 Rivers 1:54:08
7, Tricia Fleischer Kinky Llama Racing 1:54:51
8, Jeanne Hornak Wheel & Sprocket Vision 1:56:55
9, Lisa Krayer Adventure 212/Specialized 1:58:18
10, Heather Stelljes Vander Kitten 1:58:36
11, Michelle Peariso Adventure212/Specialized 2:03:31
12, Lindsey Durst Lindenwood Cycling 2:08:44
13, Rosette Reynolds Ripon College Red Hawks 2:12:27
14, Catherine Watkins HIgher Gear 2:14:36

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