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Treadfest - Grand Geneva Resort, Wisconsin

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |October 9, 2013 1:44 AM
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Treadfest - Grand Geneva Resort, Wisconsin

Strigel and Schouten Win Again for Wisconsin Off Road Series


As the cross country racing season winds down, the Subaru-Sponsored Wisconsin Off Road Series(WORS) is still thrilling audiences and riders alike with challenging events. This holds true with the Treadfest race course in Lake Geneva, WI. Hidden away behind the famed Grand Geneva Resort, Treadfest offers riders a rare chance to race on private trails that are full of features and technical sections. The course is built around a ski hill that dares riders to keep climbing. Spectators are presented with many options for great photos and cheering as well as a nail-bitingly close encounter with a steeply descending and loose rock garden.    

With all of the climbing, the Belgioioso Elite Women pushed hard up the start climb with Cooper Dendel (Border Grill/Quick Stop) and Abigail Strigel (Honey Stinger/Bontrager) fighting for the top spot. This was the first time Dendel had raced in Lake Geneva and after pre-riding the day before the event, she said she couldnít wait to race. Both women are very comfortable with rocks and roots and managed to create a fairly big gap over the rest of the women in the field. Lori Sable (Team 65?/W&S) also has her strengths in technical single track, of which Treadfest offers a lot. Sable was not able to hang onto Dendel and Strigel but put a comfortable cushion between herself and Lisa Krayer(Adventure 212/Specialized) who ended up in 4th place. While Dendel was fast and smooth through the single track, Strigel was a bit faster as she broadened her lead by about two minutes by the end of the race. This was Strigelís 6th win in the 2013 WORS season.

The Belgioioso Menís Elite race once again had stacked lineup of pro men. As the men took to the starting climb, Joseph Maloney (KS Energy Services/Team Wisconsin) burnt a match or two to drive the front of the field. Maloney has been impressing many lately by improving his results almost every race. Tristan Schouten (Rolf Prima Wheels) even said "heís gonna win one of these races.Ē Maloney said his strategy was to create a gap to cushion him if and when he hits a wall. After two laps, that wall came to him in the form of Brian Matter (RACC/Trek/Gear Grinder) and Tristan Schouten. Schouten and Matter worked well together throughout most of the race to reel Maloney back in. As the cyclocross season is starting, Matter and Schouten will be shifting focus. Matter actually raced his first CX event the day before Treadfest. In the end he felt that Schouten had a bit more gas in the tank as he pulled away from Matter in the final climb of the race. Schouten grabbed his 6th win of the season also. Nathan Guerra (Vision Pro Cycling) started off with a bit of bad luck with a dropped chain. Feeling the pressure after being passed by most of the field, Guerra gave it all he had to not only put himself back into the race but to finish impressively in 4th place.

WORS will pick up again at the end of September with the Cascade XC. A first for WORS in many ways, the Cascade XC is a fundraiser in support of the recently established WIN (WORS Interscholastic) Cycling, a not for profit organization devoted to the mission of the establishment of school-based mountain bike clubs in communities throughout Wisconsin. Please join us 9/29/2013 for the Cascade XC! We promise a unique experience that will leave you wanting to spend a lot more time riding and racing the trails of Cascade Mountain. For location and registration info please visit www.wors.orgor


Pro Men

1, Tristan Schouten Rolf Prima Wheels 1:49:19
2, Brian Matter RACC / TREK Gear Grinder 1:50:48
3, Joseph Maloney KS Energy Services/Team Wisconsin 1:51:36
4, Nathan Guerra Vision Pro Cycling 1:52:12
5, Justin Piontek Titletown Flyers 1:54:05
6, Kevin McConnell Mercy-Specialized 1:54:08
7, Isaac Neff 5 Nines  1:54:21
8, Corey Stelljes RACC- Gear Grinder 1:54:45
9, Mike Phillips Adventure212/Specialized 1:54:50
10, Trevor Olson Team 360 1:54:51
11, Ray Nelson Treadhead Cycling 1:55:37
12, Michael Michetti LAPT 1:57:23
13, Rick Mezo 1:58:06
14, Ryan Krayer Adventure212/Specialized 1:59:12
15, Chris Peariso Adventure212/Specialized 1:59:28
16, Darrin Braun Adventure 212/Specialized 2:00:48
17, Carlos Haeckel Alterra Coffee/ Team W&S 2:01:36
18, Ted Hanes Fond du Lac Cyclery 2:02:29
19, Vincent Steger Erik's Bikes and Boards 2:02:50
20, Tim Racette KS Energy Services/Team Wisconsin 2:03:53
21, David Bender JVC/Michael's Cycle 2:05:37
22, Drew Nilson   2:05:53
23, John Shull Alberto's 2:06:20
24, Maxwell Anderson   2:06:50
25, Tim Drankus Sheboygan Bicycle Company 2:06:57
26, John Wypiszinski Titletown Flyers/Wiara Invest 2:07:25
27, Alex Applegate Wolfpack 2:07:52
28, Jack Nielsen   2:08:05
29, Ryan Nenninger   2:08:06
30, Chad Sova Momentum Endurance 2:08:26
31, Cory Samz Heavy Pedal Velo Club 2:08:36
32, Gabriel Ion Treadhead Cycling 2:08:59
33, Karl Tillman Team 360 p/b Kickapoo 2:10:14
34, Bryan Frazier Adventure 212/Specialized 2:11:45
35, Eric Stull Team 360 / Laxvelo 2:12:08
36, Ben Schreiber Team Fond du Lac Cyclery 2:12:26
37, Tony Wagner Bikes LTD/Scenic Concepts 2:13:28
38, Thomas Sulentic   2:13:41
39, Steve Schafer Village-Verdigris Cycling Team 2:13:49
40, David Poulton Activator Cycling Club 2:16:00
41, Jose Barraza CC BARRAZA 2:17:53
42, Bill Street Kuhl/Rocky Mountain/Velocity 2:20:01
43, Jimmy Toombs Erik's Bike and Boards 2:21:58
44, Jerrod Collier TreadHead Cycling 2:29:37

Pro Women

1, Abigail Strigel Honey Stinger / Bontrager 1:35:17
2, Cooper Dendel Border Grill P/B QSBS 1:38:06
3, Lori Sable Team 65? / W&S 1:44:42
4, Lisa Krayer Adventure 212/Specialized 1:46:43
5, Andrea Matter Gear Grinder 1:46:49
6, Brittany McConnell Mercy Specialized 1:48:12
7, Leia Schneeberger Magnus 1:48:30
8, Michelle Peariso Adventure212/Specialized 1:53:33
9, Evelyn Johnson 2 Rivers 1:56:35
10, Jeanne Hornak Wheel & Sprocket Vision 1:58:05
11, Heather Stelljes Vander Kitten 2:02:37

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