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Octane Off-Road Duathlon

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |July 28, 2010 9:42 PM
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Written by: Jens Raz

MTB Race News is always looking for unique, exciting events all across the country and this race fits both those criteria. The Octane Off-Road Duathlon is not what your thinking. Read our report from iRide Adventures/ rider Jens Raz.

The main reasons for mountain biking seem to be the sense of adventure and excitement it brings out amongst it's participants. Every ride is always different, unique - even on the same trail. Unique races are always welcome and Southern California’s "Racers and Chasers” race promoters are thinking out of the box. 

They combined two very similar yet different adrenaline laced sports. Promoters of a local cross country mountain bike  race series decided to build on that concept. Born out of warm weather, desert, competition and who knows how much tequila - the concept of mixing motocross and XC mountain bike racing was born. Say hello to the Octane Off-Road Duathlon.

The rules offer either solo or team categories. Motocross starts the event out with 10 technical loops of 2.5 miles. This proved a very intense hour or so for teammates, spectators, and troublemakers. The mountain bike riders eagerly looked on as each lap of the motorbikes brought them closer to their start.  The team cyclist needed to push for three laps while the solos did two of the 4.5-mile, fast yet brutal loops.

The unusual format, a mass start of roaring engines and gasoline fumes, got the crowd excited for something new. Cyclists who were part of a motor-relay team watched with anticipation. Rick Bienas, an ex pro mountain biker from Germany, came in 5th in the motorized portion. Rick elevated his standings though as he took a commanding lead with 2 laps on the mountain bike course. Bienas won the Men’s Overall Solo. 

Mike Jennings earned the Vet Pro Category, also Solo. The Duo team was lead by Lee Denman coming in 6th in the moto. Denman was partnered with Guy Sutton who drove the mountain bike pace for 3 laps. These two took the Duo win despite Sutton’s pit stop at every lap to deal with a deflating tire. 2nd and 3rd places were fought out between the teams of Matthew Mueller/Luke Wilson and Jack Myers/Jens Raz.

Unusual and different…. Yes 

Fun………………Very much.


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