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Geoff Kabush puts BC Bike Race on his 2010 Calendar

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |April 29, 2010 4:29 PM
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BC Bike Race announces Geoff Kabush of Team Maxxis-Rocky Mountain Bikes will compete in the 2010 edition.

This year Geoff Kabush has put BC Bike Race on the schedule and after winning his first World Cup last year he has the pick of the litter, but this is the event he chose to ride.  "People always ask me what my favourite trails in the World are and the answer is always easy West Coast BC singletrack. BC Bike Race is a unique chance to get a premium sampling of the best mountain biking in the World. Combine the trails with the great people, organization and atmosphere and the BC Bike Race is the most fun event of the year”, said Geoff Kabush.  Geoff rode 1 day in 2009 and this year returns to sample the full buffet.

What does this mean to the participants of the BC Bike Race and the event organisers "well it’s amazing, it’s like the New York Marathon or the Ironman, every one rides the same course, they all start at the same time and have 7 days to spend getting to know each other. With Pro’s like Geoff, the participants can ask them questions, have dinner with them and truly interact, that just doesn’t happen at World Cups” said operations manager Tom Skinner. "We love having guys like Geoff here, they have so much knowledge and experience and they want to do this event just as much as the weekend warriors, everyone just wants to have a great ride on a great course.” Dean Payne, President of the BC Bike Race.

This will be the 4th running of the BC Bike Race and while the dates have remained the same over the years the number of participants has only grown from 200 in its first year to nearly 500 this year. The route; covers approximately 350 kilometres and the total elevation gained is nearly 8000 meters. Running at about 70% singletrack, something impossible to do anywhere else in the World, the BC Bike Race prides itself on using predominantly trails built by mountain bikers for mountain bikers. The participants are made up of mountain bike enthusiasts, weekend warriors and top level pro’s all mixing together for the love of the "Ultimate Singletrack Experience”.

Over the years many professionals have taken time out of their busy schedules to attend this event; 6 Time World Champion Chris Eatough, World Champion Tinker Juarez, Olympic Medalist Alison Sydor and most recently World Cup winner Catharine Pendrel. The BC Bike Race provides the opportunity for mountain bikers to ride as a Team, or Solo; Men, Women or mixed. Last year’s winners in the mixed category Ryan Trebron and Georgia Gould are two full time professionals that won the mixed category and had a blast doing it, a truly unique experience.

The BC Bike Race is a seven day mountain bike adventure (June 27-July 3) from Vancouver to Whistler. The route takes in the legendary trails of the North Shore before traveling West to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, then North to Cumberland, sails an inside passage on the BC Ferries  over to the Sunshine Coast  and back to the mainland via Squamish before finishing in Whistler. All told there are 4 amazing sailing on the BC Ferries which makes this trip more of a vacation than a race.

The Race is currently at 94% capacity, but there is still time to register for 2010.

For more information on the BC Bike Race:

For more information on Geoff Kabush and the Maxxis-Rocky Mountain Team:


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