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Intermountain Cup #3: 5-Mile Pass, Utah

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |May 1, 2010 9:50 PM
Riders who braved the rainy, snowy, sleet filled drive out to the 5 
Mile Pass BLM site were treated to amazing conditions. 3 Miles from 
the Race site the clouds broke and the race course was an island of 
dryness surrounded by storms. Dust was the main dirt for the day quite 
different than the expected mud.

The Pro men's field had over 15 starters, including perennial 
favorites Alex Grant (Cannondale Factory Racing) and Bart Gillespie (Revolution-Peak Fasteners). 

The Pro women included a group of strangers 
to the Intermountaincup, National rider Zephanie Blasi- Titec/No-Tubes/ 
ICE and a few X-Terra pro's.

The 5-Mile Pass racecourse circumnavigates a desert peak on mostly 
doubletrack and ATV trails, no sustained climbs, lot's of rollers and 
a mean hike-a-bike.

Many promoters would call the Pro-Men distance an endurance event, at 
44-miles, it is long, the Pro- Women's race is not short either at 32 

Alex Grant (Cannondale Factory Racing) took home a dominant win 8 
minutes ahead of the sprint finish between Bart Gillespie (Revolution- 
Peak Fasteners) and Reed Wycoff (Contender Bikes). Bart Gillespie took 
second by half a wheel.

Zephanie Blasi (Titec/No-Tubes/ICE) took the win ahead of Renata Bucher (Stockli-Craft)
and Emma Garrard (Team Melrad). 


Pro Men

1, Alex Grant (Cannondale) 2.52.20
2, Bart Gillespie (Revolution/Peak Fasteners) 3.00.39
3, Reed Wycoff (Contender's) 3.00.40
4, David Welsh (Kuhl/Specialized) 3.05.55
5, Trevor Simper 3.06.32
6, Chad Harris (Racer's Cycle Service)
7, Jake Pantone (Biker's Edge)
8, Brent Pontius 
9, Greg Gibson (Racer's Cycle Service)
10, Danny Van Wagoner

Pro Women

1, Zephanie Blasi (Titec/No Tubes) 2.39.00
2, Renatta Bucher (Stockli/Craft) 2.45.00
3, Emma Garrard (Team Melrad) 
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