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Sage Brush Safari Pics/Results - San Diego

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |March 12, 2011 12:45 AM
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Adam Morka and Rebecca Tomaszewski take wins at Sage Brush Safari

Freak snow and mud forced race officials to change from a roughly 30-mile loop to a much smaller and flatter 4-mile lap. Still a good turnout of top pros were on hand for what has become the first mountain bike race of the year for many.

The pros did 5 laps on the shortened course.


Pro Men

1, Adam Morka                        Trek Canada

2, Dana Weber                         Trek World

3, Vincent Lombardi                Sho-Air/Specialized

4, Zachary Valdez                    Whole Athlete

5, Manuel Prado                       Sho-Air/Specialized

6, Doug Andrews                     Rock N Road

7, Romolo Forcino                   Chains

8, Miguel Valadez

9, John Nobil                             Bear Valley

10, Alex Boone                         Trek 29er

11, Sean Donovan                     KHS/Cytomax

12, Danny Munoz                      Sho-Air/Specialized

13, Paul Friewald                       Pivot

14, Brad Wilhelm                      Trek/Bontrager

15, Derek Hermon                     Bear Valley

16, Carson Worts                       Ritchey

17, Chris Heinrich                       

18, Greg Alexander                   Cal Coast

19, Robert Herbea                     Dixon Bike


Pro Women

1, Rebecca Tomaszewski            Niner/Stans NoTubes

Women Cat 1 15-18

1, Alexis Ryan                             The Team

Women Cat 19-29

1, Lauren Gregg                           Bear Valley

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