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Updated Report, Results and Pictures from The Traverse - Orange County, CA

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |May 8, 2010 7:00 PM
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Manny Prado and Heidi Volpe take the 2010 Traverse

Written by: Jens Raz

The shorter little sister of the Warrior’s Society Vision Quest was held this weekend in Orange County. Much of the same territory and trails were covered. Albeit shorter with "only” 41 miles of racing and 8200 +/- a foot of climbing, this race was by no means a walk in the park. The climbing is more sustained and steeper in sections with no real time to recover for extended periods. Exposed to the beating sun makes nutrition and hydration key to not only push the pace but also just to finish!

Painful memories of 100+ degree temperatures in 2008 still lingered.  The elevation gain and the use of the main descent from Vision Quest told you that Traverse was sure to be a suffer fest!

The day’s events unfolded like this:

A small group of protagonists lit up the first climb right from the start. The 2009 La Ruta Winner, Traverse as well as past Vision Quest Champion, Manuel Prado, was back to exact his revenge after his DNF in the 2010 VQ.

Danny Munoz, at the age of 22 and with recent fame for winning the 2010 Counting Coup (also run by the Warrior Society) also dominated at the start. They were challenged by X-Terra Champion James Walsh, Mario Correa and Doug Andrews to round out the elite group of 5. Charging hard and close behind was Guy Sutton in his first Pro Race.

Barreling out of Blackstar Canyon the first victims were dealt their cards as Mario Correa dropped back before the halfway point up Motorway. Pushing past was James Walsh who later crashed before Lower Holy Jim on the Main Divide. Guy Sutton consistently trailed behind by 3-5 minutes.

The win was yet to be decided between Manuel and Doug Andrews barring any mechanicals. Still fresh on Manny’s mind must have been the devastating mechanicals that cost him at the 2010 VQ.  The two battled it out in the hills of the OC while the determined Danny Munoz hoped to close the gap.

The legendary descent of "Trabuco Canyon” decided the race. Littered with poison oak, overgrown branches, loose rocks, errant hikers and potentially dangerous wildlife, Trabuco, is one of the fastest and most technically advanced trails in the region. Manuel Prado took the hole shot and never relinquished the lead in the last few miles to secure the win!  Doug Andrews took 2nd place while running low on a tire with Danny Munoz coming in 3rd.

The battle continued between exhausted but experienced leaders. Guy Sutton pulled ahead of James Walsh on Trabuco Canyon to take 4th place just 40 seconds behind Munoz.

In the women's race Heidi Volpe also took a repeat victory crushing the competition with a time of 5.07.

Laura Knight came home in second at 5.49 followed by Mary Dannaly.

Check back for a full report from today's race brought to you by Jens Raz and MTB Race News



Pro Men


1, Manuel Prado (Sho-Air/Specialized) 3.51

2, Doug Andrews 3.57

3, Daniel Munoz 4.04

4, Guy Sutton

5, Mario Correa

6, Jon Fugitt

7, Douglas Kubler


Pro Women


1, Heidi Volpe 5.07

2, Laura Knight 5.49

3, Mary Dannelley 6.03


Expert 18-30


1, Ryan Weeger 4.42

2, Matt Vaughnn


Expert 31-45


1, James Walsh 4.10

2, Tommy Robles 4.33

3, Mike Caffrey 4.36

4, Stuart Gonzalez

5, Matt Ford

6, Alex Suchey

7, Jens Raz (iRide Adventures/

8, Ton Van Daelen

9, Sjon McGookin

10, Ryan Nathman


Expert 46-59


1, Johnny Dalton 4.22

2, Bill Lenhart 4.37

3, Jeroen Besboom 4.46

4, Armando De Armas

5, Robert Rodgers

6, Tim Casey

7, Robert Swigert

8, Carl Bunke

9, John Hudspeth

10, Blake Hudson

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