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Keegan Swenson's Blog From USCS #1

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |May 10, 2011 1:46 AM
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Park City Native and Whole Athlete/Specialized racer Keegan Swenson is the reigning 15-16 year-old national XC champion. This season is his first with the Whole Athlete squad and his first in the 17-18 category. Keegan will be representing his team and the United States throughout the 2011 season and he will be posting a weekly blog on

Keegan is now 3 for 3 at Pro XCT events this season. Read about his recent win at Utah State Championship Series Race #1 in Lambert Park, Utah.

Utah State Championship Series, Race  #1

Field size- 16

Result- 1st

I was pretty excited about this race, as it was the first race of a brand new series. I had also never raced this course, and it sounded like a ton of fun. The weather was a little shaky at first and I was not quite sure what to expect, but luckily it held out and made for a sweet race, with really fast and tacky hero dirt.

After a decent warm up, we lined up at the start line. I had an alright but shaky start because I slipped my pedal for some reason…. not really sure what happened. But the next thing I knew I went from the very front to the back pretty quick.

Wasn’t too worried though, as it was a double track road, and it began to climb pretty quickly. So I worked my way up to the front and started to push the pace a bit. We went over the top of the climb with Bryson Perry, Alex Grant and Jason Sager not far behind.

We ripped down the descent and kept on crushing it for a while and took turns pulling on the front. On the third lap Alex attacked near the top of the climb right before the singletrack and opened up a little gap between Bryson and me.

On one of the small climbs before the finish I buried myself to get back on Alex’s wheel, which worked out well because we had finally shaken off Bryson and it was just Alex and I for the last lap.

We just kept the pace high so Bryson wouldn’t catch back on before the finish. Alex and I were basically neck and neck about to go into the finish, and he sprinted a little earlier than I expected, then slipped out of his pedal and I got him right at the line.

Overall it was a super fun race, and thanks to the USCS crew for getting the first race in the series off very smoothly, with no issues what so ever!


Keegan Swenson



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