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All New Robbie Report with Rob Squire

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |May 27, 2010 7:21 AM
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This weekend was a bit disappointing in that I had to sit on the sideline and watch the race because of an injury.  The race was World Cup #3 in Offenburg, Germany, and I had been planning my trip around trying to do well at this race.  The course is a really fun and technical loop that includes the steepest descents I've ever encountered in a race.

It had been raining in the days leading up to the race, which made the course slick and treacherous to ride.  On my pre-ride the day before I watched as the best guys in the world hit the deck trying to get through technical sections.  I was making my way around the course quite cautiously and avoiding taking any unnecessary risks that could cause me to crash, right up until the last corner.  

I had done one lap to get used to the course, even though it was identical to last year, and then was heading out on my second to do some efforts to "open up".  I rode everything smoothly and the steep technical sections didn't seem to be as scary as they had been before, I was feeling pretty good and decided to carry a little bit of speed into a corner that came out onto a sidewalk.  I didn't feel out of control but I guess the wet pavement combined with muddy tires required a bit more finesse and I slid out landing on the cement.  

I cut myself up with some road rash but managed to twist my wrist and that is what did it.  I finished riding the lap but as time past my wrist started to hurt more and more.  By the next morning I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to race or not and after doing a lap on the course I decided it would be best to not start the race.  I could manage to ride a lap but it was painful and I thought if even the slightest thing goes wrong I could ruin the rest of my season - bummer.

The next day the other members of the U.S. National Team left Europe to head back to the States and I began my adventure to Girona, Spain.  I had a pretty good idea of what my itinerary would entail as far as transfers, cost, time, and lodging, but being in a new place where you don't speak the language will make any well planned trip difficult so I was sort of winging it.  

To start things off I almost missed my bus to the airport because of a wrong turn, which had me running through the bus station dragging a 60 lb. duffel bag.  Then my flight was delayed by almost 2 hours, which ruined my plans to take a train from Barcelona to Girona.  

Miraculously, once I missed my train I walked outside to the busses to see if any were going my way and the first bus I asked was going to Girona.  I really couldn't believe my luck.  I got to Girona late and made it to my friendís apartment where I would be spending the next week.  

Girona is beautiful and I now know why so many pros choose to call this place home.  On my first ride I went out to the coast to see the Mediterranean Sea - WOW.  It was one of the most beautiful rides I've ever done.  The road I was on followed the coast for about 30 km with breathtaking views of the sea around every bend.  Yesterday, I met up with some "local" pros and went out for a ride in the hills behind Girona, I've found a new incentive to make it as a professional cyclist, to be able to move here!

My next race is a road race called the Vuelta Tarragonna in Tarragonna, Spain, about 200 km south of here.  It is my last race in Europe for this trip. I hope to come over again later in the year, before I return home to Salt Lake for a few days.  Although I'll be happy to return home I'm really enjoying Europe and finding it easier and easier to spend time over here.  I've found a groove so to speak and it is working!


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