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Intermountain Cup #8: Deer Valley, Utah

Posted by: Shannon Boffeli |June 16, 2010 10:05 PM
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This week's Intermountain Cup race at Deer Valley, Utah, was originally scheduled for last Saturday but heavy rains forced race officials to push it to Wednesday night start.

Conditions tonight were only slightly better than Saturday. Although the trail was dry and featured Deer Valleys signature buff singletrack the temperatures remained unseasonably low and rain was always threatening.

Here to heat things up were the Cannondale Factory riders including some of the most accomplished mountain bike racers in the world including Roel Paulisen, Marco Fontana, Manuel Furis, Jeremiah Bishop, and Alex Grant.

Cannondale is holding their annual sales and marketing meeting in Park City this week and they let the boys out to play on Wednesday night.

Full Report and Photos to come


Pro Men

1, Roel Paulisen (Cannondale) 1.01.35
2, Marco Fontana (Cannondale) 1.01.53
3, Manuel Furis (Cannondale) 1.02.40
4, Alex Grant (Cannondale) 
5, Jeremiah Bishop (Cannondale)
6, Blake Zumbrunnen (Revolution/Peak Fasteners)
7, Jason Sager (Jamis)
8, Quin Bingham (Bikers Edge)
9, Jonny Hintze (Bikers Edge)
10, Trevor Simper (Infinite)
11, Duff Johnson (Skull Candy)
12, Bebe Ascencio 
13, Chad Harris (Racer's Cycle Service)
14, Danny Van Wagoner 
15, Jake Pantone (Bikers Edge)
16, Brandon Firth (Rocky Mountain)

Pro Women

1, Kelsi Bingham (Rooster's)
2, KC Holley (Gary Fisher 29er Crew)
3, Erica Tingey
4, Erika Powers (Revolution/Peak Fasteners)
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